Financial accounting - We are delighted to do this on your behalf

Financial accounting - We are delighted to do this on your behalf

Not every company does the financial accounting themselves – sometimes it is just not worth having one’s own people to carry out these comprehensive duties because of the nature of the corporate structure, or there is simply a lack of properly trained personnel. We are happy to carry out these tasks on behalf of our clients in such cases.

The work involved includes: 
  • Account allocation, gathering and storing in accordance with the relevant income tax and turnover tax regulations,
  • Unsettled amounts accounting for debtors and creditors
  • Preparing the relevant turnover tax prior notifications and transmitting the information electronically to the tax office
  • Regular elaboration of business evaluations and unsettled amounts lists.  

And it also includes:
  • Paperless handling of the payment transactions (incoming and outgoing payments), via (e.g. weekly) electronic data carrier exchange,
  • Master data administration (chart of accounts, debtors, creditors),
  • Cost centre accounting and capturing,
  • Payment reminders system,
  • Automatic data migration from other subsystems or by interface programs programmed by us,
  • Data storage in line with the mandatory tax regulations.  

In undertaking all of these activities, we regularly check at the same time to determine whether there is potential for benefitting from additional savings by more intense use of IT. Our goal in doing so is always to work as efficiently as possible, e.g. by reducing manual inputs to the minimum, but always by maintaining reliable quality at the same time. 

And if one of our clients grows so that its company would be better off with its own accounting department and its own accountants, we are glad to provide assistance to ensure the smooth transition and take-over of the data.