Thomas Kamp

Dipl.-Wirtschaftsjurist (FH)
Tax consultant

Innovator and partner in a complex subject

To provide our clients with good advice, we naturally have to pay close attention to statutory conditions and amendments. That is the basis of our daily work. Consultation only becomes really successful, however, when all of the many individual factors are also taken into account: the economic, financial and personal situation of the businessmen and businesswomen play a major and crucial role as well.

Working very closely together with our clients in a form of partnership is therefore not just an empty promise for me, but the foundations for trusting, honest and - particularly important - successful work, where I, as an innovator, always like to provide new and fresh ideas. 

I began my professional career with training as a bank clerk – a solid platform for gaining a deep understanding of the financial sector. With this insider knowledge of how banks work, I can also help our clients to deal with questions involving financing. 

I then studied commercial law in Osnabrück, and now as a commercial lawyer, I have a deep understanding of the law concerning business practise. In parallel to my studies, I was also involved in a consulting and auditing company in Münster working in the non-profit sector.
I enjoy my job every day because of the many interesting challenges I have to tackle – because the work is as variable and multi-faceted as the companies and businesses run by our clients.