Cost accounting - Small effort – big benefits

“Cost accounting – not worth it!” – comments we have frequently heard in the past. Cost accounting is not very common amongst medium-sized enterprises. This is because many overestimate the costs involved for implementing a cost accounting system, and totally underestimate in particular the savings potential that can be achieved. 
This is unfortunate, because cost accounting is a valuable control instrument, particularly in times of declining margins and increasing complex workflows within companies – a control instrument in the true sense of the word. Nevertheless, all of the companies we advised were unequivocal in their assessment after only six months: they no longer wanted to do without the data they additionally acquired as a result of the cost accounting... And another thing: investment in the system is already paid back within a very short period of time...
We have more than 20 years of experience in the structuring and implementation of cost accounting systems in the following sectors: 
-    Industry (textiles, furniture and wood processing, plastics, plant engineering and mechanical engineering, paper)
-    Trades (construction trades and secondary trades, wood processing and finishing, plastics)
-    Commerce (automotive, clothing).