Welcome to the team

Welcome to the team

We are currently looking for a trainee to start on 1 August 2016. Send in your application now.

And independent of our job vacancy advertisements, you are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application. We are always looking for committed and properly qualified colleagues to join the team. 

You will find answers here to typical questions on joining our team:

What are the entry and development opportunities?
We provide a large number of entry opportunities. You can join us as a qualified assistant tax consultant or as a graduate. We have successfully trained our staff since our firm of tax consultants was established. Sandwich courses are also possible. You can also gain a first impression as an intern. And whichever way you start, there are always good opportunities to develop. 

What will I find?

A team with 20 employees ranging from auditors and tax consultants to accountants, tax specialists, assistant tax consultants, lawyer’s and notary’s assistants, as well as trainees. 

Which qualifications do I need?

The ability to work in teams, to take responsibility, work independently, and an interest in learning.

Do Hartmann & Associates support maintaining a proper work-life balance?

Yes. Up to a quarter of our employees work with us on child-friendly working hours models. When they take parental leave, we maintain regular contact with the mother or father to ensure that their subsequent return to work can be arranged as flexibly and smoothly as possible.  

Please contact us at any time if you have any more questions.