Willi Hartmann

Auditor, Tax consultant, Legal counsel

Knowing what to do

When one is in my position of being able to look back on almost 50 years of tax consulting, there is not much that can surprise one any longer. In fact, one gains the impression that things keep repeating themselves. Or one encounters something again in a slightly different form. Laws and legislation reflect the political zeitgeist even when it comes to tax law. And our job as tax consultants is not to be distracted by the latest trends. Our aim is focused on identifying long-term trends and tendencies, and to structure taxation aspects accordingly. Urgent action is, however, required on occasions. Such as when a situation suddenly becomes associated with tax advantages because of a change in the law – at least until the legislators react with an amendment to a law which they find unbeneficial. But the opposite case is also feasible.  

One thing that I have never encountered, however, during my whole professional life, is the total relief from taxes and duties, despite all of the promises by politicians. And I am pretty sure that we can continue to wait in vain for this to happen in future as well ...

More information:
  • Long-term member of the Examination Commission for Assistant Tax Consultants
  • Long-term board member of the Steuerberaterverein (tax consultants association) NRW e.V., Düsseldorf
  • Member of the Rotary Club Rheine
  • Honorary member and long-term board member of NaturZoo Rheine e.V.