Corporate planning - it’s time for simple solutions

Corporate planning - it’s time for simple solutions

To invest or not to invest? Close a contract – or is the bottom line just a big zero? Day-to-day decision making in companies is becoming increasingly complex, margins are shrinking – and unfortunately, the time at one’s disposal to reach commercial decisions is becoming shorter and shorter. And that in an age where an increasing number of decisions are required. Always on the go, always under pressure...

We help our clients to maintain the necessary calm, rationality and sovereignty required in the tough daily working environment, so that they can successfully manage a company.

Our consultation is supported by Professional Planner, a company management software. This enables our clients to rapidly and reliably play through all of the different commercial scenarios – to use opportunities and realistically assess risks – in a transparent, clear and reliable way. We provide consultation in this way to companies with a turnover in the single-figure million range, all the way up to conglomerates with subsidiaries and affiliates at home and abroad generating turnovers in the three-figure million range. 

Useful by-product: Professional Planner also satisfies the  requirements stipulated by financial institutions pursuant to KWG (Kreditwesengesetz, the German Banking Act) – without any  extra effort. 

Interfaces to other programs such as financial bookkeeping or cost accounting, as well as to MS-Excel, help to avoid double booking and faulty manual inputs – and therefore simplify day-to-day business in companies.